The-Q with : Greg Vong from France

Lahan Harar, Dani hen, Liroy Ben shushan from israel,micah lacerete and Samuel Dixon from Canda and Usa,Sean Smith, Alexander Rendon, Cory Mason and now say Hi To Greg Vong from France

say Hi to Greg Vong

say Hi to Greg Vong

?How old are you

35 year old.

?When did you start exercising

i start long time ago lol .when i was 18 .i started training in my room with my cousin

?What was your weight on the beginning

i used to be shreded but very tiny i always practice sport .at the begining i weight 55 kilo lol.

Greg Vong from France

Greg Vong from France

?What is your weight today

Now my weight is beetween 74 80 kilo.

?What do you eat every day

i like to be shreded all years so always have a good diet for me its à way of life to be aesthetic .i carb cycling in order to stay Lean.

my diet its based on good protéine from solid food like chicken turkey egg fish.good fat like nuts avocado coco olive oïl And low glicemic carb like jasmin rice sweet potato and sarasini. avoid sugar gluten and lactose.i take my carb à round my training.

?how many  hours a day you  practicing

i train every 1-2 hours.

the art of Greg Vong

the art of Greg Vong

?What is your goal in life

i wanted to motivate People to have a better way of life practicing more activities and feed betteri .wanted to live from my passion as a personal trainer.and become sponsors too i wish i could have my pro card too.

? What makes a life apart from training

training is my passion and my work just after the essentiels for me my daughter.

The show of Greg Vong

The show of Greg Vong

?What tip have a healthy life and body to win

In order to win you have to be consistent and determinated.Its à lifestyle not ONLY 2 month before summer.

?And the last question, who is the Champion of Champions for you?catler /Schwarzenegger

.no doubt arnold is the King

The Champ of Greg Vong. Arnold

The Champ of Greg Vong. Arnold

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